Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Late June Meal plan

I apologize it's late but here is my June Meal plan as of today.

10th  beans and cornbread
11th  pork chops
12th  beans and corn bread
13th  hot dogs
14th  shrimp Alfredo
15th  beans and cornbread
16th  baked BBQ chicken
17th  beans and cornbread
18th  pork chops
19th  beans and cornbread
20th  hot dogs
21st  shrimp Alfredo
22nd  beans and cornbread
23rd BBQ chicken
24th beans and cornbread
25th pork chops
26th beans and cornbread
27th hot dogs
28th shrimp Alfredo
29th beans and cornbread
30th baked ham

At our local Walmart they had a 20 pound bag of pinto beans for 13.97 and cornbread 2/1.00 so I stocked up. I love using the crock pot on hot days saving me from having to stand over the stove.

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