Monday, April 13, 2015

Homemade Pot Pie

I found 10lb bags of chicken quarters on sale for 3.90 a bag!

Take 4 to 6 leg quarters place them in stock pot, fill with water to cover them plus a couple of inches.

I add seasonings a bay leaf, chicken Montreal, ms dash garlic and herb to the broth

Boil until meat is done, juices run clear when meat is stabbed with a fork.

Pull the meat from the pan and place in a bowl to cool before you debone the meat

Once the meat is deboned, chop it up and place it in casserole dish.

Using gravy packets, Make gravy using the leftover broth instead of water.

(you can skip all of the above if you are using a rotisserie chicken. simply debone, chop and place meat in the dish. Using can broth in place of water make gravy from chicken gravy packets)

Dump 2 cans of Mixed Veggies (drained) into dish with the meat. Pour on the gravy and mix well,

Place unrolled pie crust on top of the dish. Might take two crust if using casserole dish, it is OK if they overlap.

Bake according to pie crust instructions. Serve when done and enjoy a great throwback meal!!

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