Friday, April 3, 2015

A Very Busy Week

I meant to post sooner than this but this week has flown by.

Tuesday both my husband and youngest son was sick with a head cold. it move into my husbands chest as well.(both are feeling better now)

Wednesday was payday for us. Spent the day paying bills and buying household supplies.

Thursday, we got our garden planted. I went shopping at a nearby little town to take advantage of their amazing meat specials.
4 ten pound bags of chicken quarters 3.90 each 40lbs for 15.96
2 hams 98 cents a pound cost me 18.41 for 19lbs
1 double pk pork butt roast 88 cents a pound i paid 16.30 for 18.5 pounds
10pks of hot dogs 69 cents each 6.90
$57.00 for over 77 pounds of meat!!!!!

Friday we have helped family and made a quick run out of town to look for easter clothes for the kids.
Made enchilada's while I am baking two large batches of dinner rolls. I wanted to see how many a batch of dough would make.

Tomorrow I plan to cut a roast into stew meat. our roast was 4.00 a pound and stew meat was 7.00 a pound. lol so bought the roast to cut up and make my own. I am craving Beef tips and rice. I will take lots of pictures and post the recipe and how it turned out over the weekend.

Sunday we will have family time and an Easter Egg hunt. menu hasn't been decided yet for us. We are winging it.

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  1. unfortunately my camera batteries were hard to find so i didn't manage to get any pic's of the roast being made....