Saturday, April 11, 2015

Summer Chili

I call it summer chili because its meat and beans but no strong spice so you can eat this in the heat of summer and not lose 5lbs from sweating.

Soak pinto beans overnight to soften and prep the beans

In the morning drain and rinse the beans.

Place them in the crock pot and add water to a few inches above beans

Turn on high and let them go all day. about 3pm add packet of taco seasoning and any others you want to add.

Take a pound of hamburger meat and their are two ways you can go. You can add taco seasoning to the meat as it cooks or make burgers on the grill.

We made burgers on the grill, chopped them up and added them to the beans around 4pm.

When serving some shredded cheddar to it.

I served this with store bought cornbread and some fruit cocktail for dessert.

1lb pinto beans 1.00
hamburger meat 2.00
taco seasoning 2/1.00
corn bread 3.50
3 cans fruit cocktail 3.60
11.60 fed 7 people some second helpings

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