Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Dream, My Purpose in Life

I have searched for years to figure out what is is that I want to do with my life.

What is my purpose?

What will I do so that my life counted for something?

What I found is that I am happiest when I am helping others.

I have written a few classes,

One is called Life lessons it teaches basics of how to run a house, how to pay bills, shop on a budget, low cost meals, some organizing, where to find childcare and  help locally.

The second is a Cooking class teaching quick and easy family meals that are budget friendly. Like I share with you on here.

The third is a "How to get started homeschooling in Texas" class.

I have sat on the first class for years. Now I am actively seeking a place to hold these classes. I see so many people, especially young people, struggling with these issues.

I put them off for so long because I was trying to take care of my family, but mostly because I doubted anyone would want to learn anything from me.

What is special about me that qualifies me to teach anything?

It dawned on me today, I have lived it, I have faced these struggles and learned from them.

I am in the best position to teach these things because I lived them.

My ultimate Dream/Goal is to have a location where other people can come to learn all kinds of skill regardless of income or ability to pay. A place where people can come to eat, receive clothes, groceries, skills, and help to rise above their current situation with dignity and hope.

I have No idea right now how I will achieve this ultimate dream but if I chase the smaller ones to it, I will find a way.

I have finally found my Dream and my Purpose in life, Have you found yours?

What is it you Love to do? What are you knowledgeable or skilled at? Who do you do it for? How will it improve them?

That is the questions you need to ask to discover it. What is your dream or purpose, Please share it with me in the comments.

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